Monday, January 09, 2006


Alito, day 1

I know that the action hasn't happened yet, but Leahy, Kennedy, et al. are going to rip into Alito. Especially Schumer and Durbin. I can't wait. He's just a humble guy from Jersey, blah, blah, blah. Bullshit. He wants nothing more than to serve the corporate masters who are nominating him. Does he give a damn about me (or, if anyone is reading this, about you?) Not likely.

Funny how the republicans are trying to avoid the name Harriet Miers. If any of them used her name, I sure missed it.But one of the Dems (maybe it was Biden) made it very clear that she did not get the "up or down vote" they harp about so much. And they are prepared to take it out on Alito. As well they should.It's fillibuster or go home time for the Dems. But rough him up first.

And Corey Patterson was traded today. Addition by subtraction if there ever was such a thing. Jim Hendry thinks he's done now. But he's wrong.


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