Saturday, January 07, 2006


Alito hearings begin on Monday.

The philosophy of this man is clearly defined at this point. He can try the Clarence Thomas defense of "I can't comment on that because I may have to agree with Scalia, er, rule on that issue one day," but he has enough of a paper trail to know what he thinks.

The whole Concerned Princeton Alumni group he was in a long time ago, which opposed women and minorities being given the same educational opportunities that he had, is bad enough. But to pretend you weren't in it, or claim that you just "forgot" about it when the truth comes out? That's bullshit. That shows me he is inherently dishonest.

Further, the stuff he wrote when he was Reagan's legal eagle, many years ago, is fair game and should be examined. People become more conservative as they get older (which makes sense, I suppose), not less conservative. And if you're conservative in your 30s because you think that's how you get ahead, you don't drop that as you get older. You move more toward the powers you are serving, in the hope that you become one yourself. And now, as he is poised to become one of the powers he has spent so long serving, he cannot claim that he has an open mind on anything. And to suggest otherwise is insulting.

Finally, the notion that the president has "unitary powers" which trump the other branches of government is fine when you are the president, but if the other branches also come to share this belief, then we may as well declare fascism and be done with it. I want somebody on the Supreme Court, the last word on anything that matters in this country, to think that they have an obligation to step on the president's toes whenever they go too far. And if you don't think KGB has gone too far, you aren't paying attention.

Alito must be defeated. The docile congress will NOT (repeat, NOT) vote him down. He must be filibustered.


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