Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Chris Matthews has gone too far.

MSNBC let Phil Donahue go, obstensibly because his ratings were bad(they weren't). Then they pulled Ron Reagan off the air, after he handed one to many Republicans their ass. And I thought John McEnroe was a
good guy who just needed some time to find his rhythm. MSNBC didn't agree. Fine. It's their network, and as long as Keith Olbermann stays I'll at least watch some of it. But the network that pays Tucker Carlson, Rita Cosby (a/k/a enough with Aruba, already!) and Joe Scarborough is bad enough. But Chris Matthews is the worst. He constantly refers to those who support bush's war as "patriots" and likens those who oppose it as terrorist sympathizers. Well, I say enough. Here's the link for a boycott tha's being organized. They say it better than I can.

Other than that, I think Alito has to be filibustered. He will never say no to King Geogre, or any president of his ilk. And we need that to remain strong as a nation. No "unitary" executive for me, thanks.

If you're in or around Chicago, allow me to humbly recommend "Letter Purloined" now playing at the Live Bait Theater on Clark Street. Hard to describe, but worth the trip and the $12 ticket price. Here's a link for it:

That's it for now. The Cubs acquired 2 more players, but my prediction of 80 wins, tops, still stands.

Hang in there, John.


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