Monday, January 09, 2006


DeLay must have known he was going to lose.

The timing on this to just too coincidental to actually BE coincidental. DeLay steps down from his leadership post on Saturday, and then on Monday we learn that the charges against him in Texas (for money laundering, not Abramoff) are not being thrown out?

Think about the other alternative. Let's say DeLay steps down on Saturday, and then today the charges do get thrown out (after all, isn't that why the House is not in session right now? To buy time for DeLay?). Would DeLay jump back in and say "nevermind, I want my old position back"? Not very likely.

No, I think someone tipped DeLay off (who did it, I will never know) so that he could at least appear to be noble before the hammer fell (a bad pun, I know). It makes it look like he jumped, rather than getting pushed. But it's reasonable to ask if he had some way of knowing the push was coming first. My point is that he wouldn't just jump on his own.


I tend to agree with your assessment of this situation. However, I am not the least bit surprised that another Texan would have clued in the Bugman.
If there was any way DeLay could get that post back, he would have done it. And I think the Saturday timing of his announcement looks wrong, too. But Alito and NSA and Abramoff will drown it all out.

Thanks for posting.
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