Saturday, January 14, 2006


John Bolton's confirmation was once "inevitable" too.

I remember how the press was covering John Bolton: certain confirmation, Dems can't stop it, etc. And yet they did stop it, at least the confirming part, with a filibuster. The media wasn't nearly so enthusiastic about reporting that, either.

KGB went around the Senate with the recess appointment, but that isn't an option at this level, is it? The point is that CNN and the other media outlets who are pronouncing the Alito confirmation are a little ahead of themselves.

If the Dems want to fight this, as well they should, they need to stretch this out as much as they can. Remember, if the King had his way, Alito would already be hearing cases. And Sandra Day said she would serve until her successor was confirmed, so what's the rush?

THis needs to be not about abortion, or Vanguard, or the Concerned Alumi of Princeton. Those issues aren't selling to the public, not because they aren't good, but because the media will not spin them in a negative way. They still fear KGB too much.

No, the ONLY way this sinks in is if Alito is made into a lapdog for the executive branch. Whatever the president wants (as long as he's a republican, of course) is what Alito is ready to do. Tap your phones? Sure. Release your phone records to anyone who wants them? Why not? Send someone to Gitmo for protesting a speech? Shoot, I'll even pack their bags for them.

It's already clear that the Congress will not stop this president. And they will do whatever they have to do to keep both houses of Congress in their hands (see DeLay and the Texas redistricting for an example). Without the courts, we are in deep shit.

Ask yourself this question: would Alito ever write the words that Sandra Day did in the Hamdi case: " A state of war is not a blank check for executive power when it comes to the rights of the individual?" No, of course not. He'd pretend to look at everything in his judge's way, and set forth the side of freedoms and liberties as a teaser, but then BOOM! we're all going to be 10 year old girls who happen to be on the premises when a vague warrant is being carried out.

Alito is as phony as the day is long. And he needs to be demonized in ways a lot worse than he has been so far. Not personally, because his wife will start to cry again, and the Dems don't have the media savvy to cut through the pity that the media wouldheap upon her again. No, this has to be Sam Alito, who will be more than happy to give KGB and all future republican presidents EVERYTHING THEY WANT. I think Russ Feingold can make this case, but the other dems have to go where he leads them. And even if it looks like they won't succeed, they should push ahead anyway. It's that important.


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