Wednesday, January 11, 2006


My only post of the day.

Not like anyone reads this, but at least it gives me some outlet for all the thoughts running around inside my head.

The Alito hearings got interesting for about 5 minutes today. The whole CAP group that Alito says he can't remember bubbled over very briefly. Beyond that, not too much was interesting. Wolf Blitzer tried to get Schumer to agree it was a done deal, but Schumer was having non of it. Either the filibuster happens, and the nuclear thing, and it all gets ugly, or the Dems roll over. Again. If they do that, then the Republicans really have taken over everything.

I'll say again that Alito does not give a damn about you or me. He got his, and screw anyone else who isn't as fortunate. If the CAP records reveal any sort of lies Alito may have told, it will get really interesting. He doesn't look like a liar, but he does strike me as someone who says whatever is most convenient for him, whether it's the truth or not.

If you doubt what I'm saying, consider this: He could recall some minute details about cases decided 100 years ago, but he can't recall what groups he actually belonged to in the 1980s? Please. At some point between his 1985 application and a 1990 application for some other job, the CAP membership went away. POOF! Sammy conveniently cleared his memory of the whole thing, until it turned up in the Reagan Library papers 15 years later. Whoever was assigned to scrub the records before his confirmation missed that one. Whoops!

In unrelated matters, The Sun-Times called out the 2006 Cubs today. The Tribune won't do it, because they own the team, but everyone else knows this team is woefully undermanned for the upcoming season. Will they be out of it by July 4th? I think so. They were last season, weren't they?


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