Sunday, January 08, 2006


A new day

Looks like another spring day--in early January. How screwy is that?

Frank Rich has a piece in the NY Times today. Here's a link to a summary, but you need a subscription to read the whole thing:

He has the drop on KGB, though. If showtime could run a show indicating NSA wiretapping was going on, then other people had to know about it too.

The theory Rich presents is that something far worse was being done, such as maybe wiretapping journalists and political enemies in this country. Or that the "American to American" spying was more than just an accidental thing. That would't surprise me at all. Rich says whatever it is, it will come out eventually. Let's hope he's right about that.

Tom DeLay will not be back as the House Majority leader (certainly a good thing) but there could be a reason for that. The Patriot Act expires just a couple of days after the House comes back at the end of the month. Maybe that short window has something to do with forcing DeLay out. If anyone thinks he WANTED to step down, they're fooling themselves. If all the focus is on DeLay, my theory goes, the Patriot Act extension gets sidetracked, causing some parts of it to expire. And the KGB crowd REALLY wants their Patriot Act. So out with DeLay, and problem solved, right? Maybe not. Hopefully not.

Bring 'em all down. Anyone who took Abramoff's money or ate at his restaurant, or traded the political process for a campaign contribution. They were not sent to Washington to sell the system like that. I'd rather have some guy who knows right from wrong than some guy who lines his pockets. So would most people, if they thought about it. But just getting by and making ends meet is hard enough. Who has the inclination to clean up all this shit too?


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