Thursday, January 12, 2006


One day closer to Friday.

There apparently was no mention of Alito's name in the CAP records. Doesn't change my opinion that he should be filibustered, either.

Funny how it was Lindsey Graham, who I'm disliking more and more as this goes on, who said the word "Bigot" thet drove Mrs. Alito to tears. The Dems didn't say that word or make that accusation. The Republicans did. And he's the one saying we have to be careful how nominees are treated. I can think thoughts about people and still hold my tongue. Thoughts aren't enough to drive anybody to tears. But when Lindsey Graham throws that word out, even when it's an attempt to make the Democrats look bad, then he's the one at fault. He should hold his tongue a little better than he did.

Schumer, Durbin, Feingold, Kennedy, et al. did not say, or even suggest, that Alito is a bigot. Let's remind everyone of this fact.


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