Tuesday, January 17, 2006


TYMAWOR--The new Republican brand

The first time this phrase stuck in my head was when I heard it in one of KGB's speeches. I was watching the whole thing on C-SPAN, because otherwise the media plucks a 3-5 second soundbite, if they show him speaking at all. And the bits they choose are probably subject to White House veto, too.

Anyway, he was doing his flipping the pages bit, in the part after the obligatory "and I wanna thank"s that seem to be filler material. Whoever it is, he didn't know their name yesterday, and he will forget the name by the same time tomorrow, so what's the difference? You know that he's just killing time until his next bike ride or fundraiser, anyway. So sit back and pretend he's grateful to anyone for anything.

So in the flipping of the pages, he said, at one point, "in a time of war, ......." Whatever he said afterward didn't much matter. He got the war point out there, and that's what matters most. But the way he said those words was what I remember. He wasn't saying them with any sort of recognition that families were being torn apart, or that sacrifices were being made. There really was no conviction in them at all. It was like he was describing we might consider to be tedious.

And that's when I realized that "TYMAWOR" (which is what is sounded like when he said it) was just a catchphrase, a buzz word, a code of some sort. It's what allows him to tap our phones without a warrant, read our emails at will, and take us into custody and label us "enemy combatants" without ever proving it to be true.

The phrase turned up again when the NSA wiretapping story finally came out. It also turned up in the "we can debate this war, but only in ways that do not give aid and comfort to the enemy" bit that was floated recently. I'm sure we'll hear it in the State of the Union speech too. He may not describe it in tones more appropriate for telling about dental work, but the term will be in there. Guaranteed.

I say this because I don't think "TYMAWOR" justifies what he and his people are doing. The Constitution still applies, even as this never-ending "war" drags on. I am now on the lookout for this term, with its unspoken message of "screw the Constitution. I can do what I want, because I'm the commander in chief." And the term becomes weaker and weaker with each added reference. At least for me, anyway.

Hang in there John.


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