Thursday, March 30, 2006


How low can Bu$h sink?

The trouble with dividing the country like he has is that once you lose just a few people, you're suddenly in the minority, leaving the considerable minority who opposed you in the first place, plus the people whose support you just lost and are unlikely to ever win back.

Bush and his people never gave a shit, as long as they won the votes they needed to win. But those days are gone now. And there is a piper that will need to be paid.

This is the last thursday before baseball season starts. Bring it on!

And George Mason has already emerged as the story of the NCAA tournament, regardless of how this weekend goes. Needless to say, I'm pulling for them.

One last thing. President Reagan was shot 25 years ago today. It's weird what you remember, sometimes. I remember the Oscars were scheduled for that night, and they postponed them because Reagan was an actor (and he was the president too, I guess). But the NCAA championship was also scheduled for that night, and they went on with the game.

What I remember was that they played the 3rd place game first, and then the title game. Who remembers there even was a 3rd place game in the NCAA tournament? I guess if you lost in the Final 4 on Saturday, you still got to play another game on Monday.

And what moron scheduled the oscars and the NCAA championship on the same night? That wouldn't happen in 2006.


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