Sunday, March 05, 2006


A new name for Bill O'Reilly

I have to start by saying that Keith Olbermann at MSNBC deserves huge credit for going after him. O'Reilly doesn't like being challenged, and every trick he's tried so far (threatening calls to the higher-ups, the silly petition to bring back Phil Donahue, etc.) has been brilliantly boomeranged back at him on-air. I love that, and I've told Keith as much in an email.

On to the name thing. Keith has taken to reading O'Reilly's statements in a Ted Baxter voice--deep, patronizing, and ultimately devoid of any merit. In effect, it reduces O'Reilly to a parody of a parody of a buffoon. Which is all O'Reilly is, anyway.

So I got to thinking. His name is Bill (O'Reilly), and he's now being reduced to a parody of Ted (Baxter). That gives us Bill and Ted, who were played by Keanu Reeves and some other guy movie in a from the late 80s. And I think George Carlin got in at the end somehow. If you haven't see the movie, Bill and Ted are a couple of low-grade Spicoli wannabes. And their conribution to movie history was their oft-repeated catchword: Bogus! And who is phonier than Bill O'Reilly? No one that I have ever met. Probably no one currently drawing breath in this world.

So from now to eternity (or at least until he is driven off of the air), Bill should be referred to as BO'gus. The first two letters spell out his initials, which inadvertently adds to the effect. I've sometimes seen him referred to as BO and BOR, but if he smells, I don't know about it. And high school chemistry is boring. Railing against "the left" as the source of all the trouble in the world is incendiary. And that's far worse than high school chemistry could ever be.


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