Friday, April 21, 2006


Why I'm proud to be from Illinois

The Land of Lincoln, where I have lived my entire life, is taking a huge step toward removing the cancer that is George Bush. Here's the link:

Basically, the state is considering a joint resolution stating that Bush has violated the law in a number of ways and must be removed from office. The Dems control all of Illinois, from the State legislature to the Governor's mansion, to 2 kick-ass U.S. Senators to Rahm Emmanuel, Jan Schakowsky, etc. If any state can do this, Illinois can. I'm very pumped up about this.

My state was fucked by the Republicans for 20 years, until they went too far (Have you heard about George Ryan?) and then the Dems came in. So now the same thing that happened in Illinois is happening to America. Let's hope Bush and the rest of those psychos don't nuke somebody first.

I love my country, and I can't wait until I get it back again.


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